Art Installation

Office Art Installation Service

Art in Offices offer an art installer service for offices, to install any art you already own onto your office walls.  Our professional art technicians are specialists in hanging paintings, prints and photographs in offices, and we can also install large scale installations and sculptures into atriums, receptions and on the exterior of your building.

Our standard service of hanging paintings and photographs costs £200 and includes two art technicians for a minimum of three hours, and £25 per hour per techinition required.  A member of the Art in Offices team will need to visit your office first to asses the project, and then a date and time can be arranged to suit your needs.  

Art in Offices can also carry out your project after office hours and at weekends for an additonal £50 an hour per technician (minimum payment of 3 hours required).  

All other types of art installation projects can be accomodated by our team of art technicians.  Please contact us with the details and we will give you an accurate cost for your project.

If you would like to book our installation-only service or find out more, please contact Art in Offices.

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